I live by the Jersey Shore. Yeah...yeah... yup.

when i’m putting towels and bed sheets in the cart, then turn around and there’s a guest right in my face i’m like;

I can (not) go home

First time i never felt like cutting my wrists and closing my eyes while working in produce tonight.

The fourth wall

Check out this fucking seagull just walking around in torrential rain. It didn’t want to fly at all. It just kept walking around the parking lot getting soaked.

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Every summer, a random baby bird falls out of their nest. This year it’s a european starling.

It just seems like every year a bird (baby or not) shows up around the house. Over the years I’ve seen; a seagull, mourning dove, and a sanderling.

"I’m tired of making watermelon bowls."

I say bleeding watermelon juice from my eyes.

I work so hard to keep a smile on my face, while working at this place.

Want to experience hell? Work the night-shift as a produce clerk.


Happy birthday, Jerry Seinfeld! #Mets


Happy birthday, Jerry Seinfeld! #Mets

I’m not joking.

“Kavinsky flops forward onto his face and regrets his entire life.”

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